Volume estimates of gradient Ricci solitons

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:2022-09-29 14:00


时  间:929日下午14:00

地  点:腾讯会议ID491-932-089(无密码)


This talk is based on a joint survey paper with Chan and Ma. I will summarize some classical results on the volume growth estimates for gradient Ricci solitons, among which are the works of Cao, Munteanu, Sesum, Wang, Zhou, etc. In particular, I will also introduce a new joint work with Bamler, Chan, and Ma, where we obtained an optimal volume growth estimate for noncollapsed steady gradient Ricci solitons.


报告人张永甲于2019从加州大学圣地亚哥分校取得数学博士学位,现于上海交通大学任长聘教轨副教授。曾在Adv. Math., Trans. Am. Math. Soc., J. fur Reine Angew. Math., 等期刊发表多篇学术论文。