Tianyuan Representation Theory Seminar-Schwartz homologies of Nash groups III

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:2022-05-20 15:00
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时  间:520日下午15:00

地  点:腾讯会议ID436 5742 3564(无密码)


This is the last talk in a series on the Schwartz homology theory of Nash groups. In this talk, I will explain some of the applications of the Schwartz homology theory. Firstly, I will give a short proof of a vanishing result of Casselman-Hecht-Milicic. Secondly, I will derive the automatic extension theorem in the Archimedean setting, which is the counterpart of a result of Hong-Sun in the p-adic case. Finally I will discuss some finiteness and Hausdorffness property of Schwartz homology.


陈阳洋,博士毕业于中国科学院数学与科学系统研究院,师从孙斌勇院士,2020年起开始在江南大学工作。其主要从事李群表示论及其相关方向的研究,已在 Journal of Functional Analysis, Proceeding of AMS, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra等重要杂志上发表多篇论文。