Hidden structure and sharp asymptotics for the Dirac–Klein-Gordon system in two space dimensions

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:2021-06-14 09:30


时  间:614日上午09:30

地  点:厦大海韵园实验楼105报告厅


We prove global well-posedness for a coupled Dirac–Klein-Gordon (DKG) system in 1 + 2 dimensions under the assumption of small, compact, high-regularity data. We reveal hidden structure within the Klein-Gordon part of the system which allows us to treat the nonlinearities which are below-critical in two spatial dimensions. Furthermore we provide the first asymptotic decay results for the DKG system in 1 + 2 dimensions. This is a joint work with Zoe Wyatt (Cambridge).


董世杰,复旦大学博士后。2019年博士毕业于法国索邦大学LJLL实验室, 博士导师Philippe G. LeFloch。主要研究方向为非线性双曲偏微分方程、广义相对论。论文发表于Comm. Math. Phys.Annales Henri Poincare,  J. Diff. Equa.等杂志。