Workshop on Harmonic Analysis and Lie Group Representations

Date: August 5-9,2019

Background or Purpose:

The study of Harmonic Analysis and Representations of Lie groups has a long history which dates back to 19th century. Problems arising in Physics and Number Theory motivated a rapid growth of Harmonic Analysis and Representations on Lie groups. This workshop, sponsored by Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Southeast China, aims at providing a platform for researchers in this field to discuss and work with each other.

Organization Committee:

Dihua Jiang (University of Minnesota)
Binyong Sun (Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Genkai Zhang (Chalmers University of Technology)
Yanan Lin (Xiamen University)
Qing Wang (Xiamen University)


Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Southeast China
School of Mathematical Sciences��Xiamen University

Invited Speakers:

Dan Barbasch (Cornell University)
Jing-Song Huang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Simon Marshall (University of Wisconsin�CMadison)
Paul Nelson (ETH Zurich)
Tomasz Przebinda (University of Oklahoma)
Fangyang Tian (National University of Singapore)
Han Wu (EPFL (��cole Polytechnique F��d��rale de Lausanne)
Genkai Zhang (Chalmers and Gothenburg University)
Dongwen Liu (Zhejiang University)
Zhi Qi (Zhejiang University)
Chufeng Nien (Hunan Normal University)
Bingcheng Lin (Sichuan University)
Yannan Qiu (Southern University of Science and Technology)
Hang Wang (East China Normal University)
Shilin Yu (Xiamen University)


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Workshop Venue:

(Laboratory Building 105)

Hotel Information:

Lujiang Mega (in Chinese: �����ؽ�?��ҾƵ�)
Address: No.382, Longhushan Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Tel: 86-592-2199099
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Contact information:

Tian Ye,, (+86)-592-2580036
Fulin Chen,, (+86)-592-2580607

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