Date: Nov 1-5, 2019


This will be the 7th China-Japan Workshop on Mathematical Topics from Fluid Mechanics held at Xiamen University and Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Southeast China, Xiamen, Fujian, China, Nov 1-5, 2019. The main goal of the workshops is to bring young scientists from China and Japan together to communicate among themselves about recent progress on the analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations and the applications to fluid mechanics.
The China-Japan joint workshop on mathematical topics from fluid mechanics was proposed by Prof. Song Jiang, Prof. Shuichi Kawashima, and Prof. Akitaka Matsumura in 2004 with the first workshop held in Beijing, China in 2008. Since then it has been organized in Fukuoka (Japan, 2009), Xi’an (China, 2011), Tokyo (Japan, 2013), Wuhan (China 2015), and Osaka (Japan, 2017). The workshop to be held in Xiamen is the seventh of this series of workshops.


Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Southeast China
School of Mathematical Sciences,Xiamen University

Organization Committee:

Feimin Huang (AMSS, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA)
Tatsuo Iguchi (Keio University, JAPAN)
Song Jiang (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, CHINA)
Yoshiyuki Kagei (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN)
Shuichi Kawashima (Waseda University, JAPAN)
Takayuki Kobayashi (Osaka University, JAPAN)
Hailiang Li (Capital Normal University, CHINA)
Shinya Nishibata (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN)
Huijiang Zhao (Wuhan University, CHINA)
Changjiang Zhu (South China University of Technology, CHINA)

Local Organization Committee

Zhen Luo, Zhong Tan, Yanjin Wang, Xinying Xu, Jianwen Zhang

Invited Speakers(confirmed):

Jan Brezina (Kyushu Unviersity, JAPAN)
Noboru Chikami (Osaka University, JAPAN)
Lili Du (Sichuan University, CHINA )
Guilong Gui (Northwest University, CHINA)
Zhenhua Guo (Northwest University, CHINA)
Itsuko Hashimoto (Kanazawa University, JAPAN)
Lin He (Sichuan University, CHINA)
Jingchi Huang (Sun Yat-sen University, CHINA)
Fei Jiang (Fuzhou University, CHINA)
Qiangchang Ju (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, CHINA)
Kai Koike (Keio University, JAPAN)
Fucai Li (Nanjing University, CHINA)
Mingjie Li (Central University for National Minorities, CHINA)
Yong Li (Beijing University of Technology, CHINA)
Qingqing Liu (South China University of Technology, CHINA)
Boqiang Lu (Nanchang Hangkong University, CHINA)
Yong Lu (Nanjing University, CHINA)
Yasunori Maekawa (Kyoto University, JAPAN)
Shuang Miao (Wuhan University, CHINA)
Hideyuki Miura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Naofumi Mori (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, JAPAN)
Kenta Nakamura (Kyushu University, JAPAN)
Dongjun Niu (Capital Normal University, CHINA)
Lizhi Ruan (Central China Normal University, CHINA)
Masahiro Suzuki (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Kazuyuki Tsuda (Osaka University, JAPAN)
Yoshihiro Ueda (Kobe University, JAPAN)
Huaqiao Wang (Chongqing University, CHINA)
Teng Wang (Beijing University of Technology, CHINA)
Yong Wang (AMSS, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA)
Huanyao Wen (South China University of Technology, CHINA)
Shangkun Weng (Wuhan University, CHINA)
Feng Xie (Shanghai Jiaotong University, CHINA)
Ting Zhang (Zhejiang University, CHINA)
Yinghui Zhang (Guangxi Normal University, CHINA)

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