TMSE Invites Dr. Bin Dong to Deliver the 2nd Colloquium Talk

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On the afternoon of March 7, Dr. Bin Dong from Peking University was invited to deliver the 2nd colloquium talk, in the title of “Mathematical Modeling in Image Restoration, Image Analysis Beyond” at Xiamen University. The talk was chaired by Professor Jianxian Qiu, vice dean of School of Mathematical Science.

In this talk, Dr. Dong has established rigorous generic connections between wavelet frame PDE based approach, connections of wavelet frame based approach to various total variation models. He also shared his recent work on bridging numerical differential equations with deep neural network design for various tasks of inverse problems, image processing analysis.

His humorous speech with extensive quotations shed light on the frontier of academic research the innovation of academic idea how to do scientific research on theoretical aspects. All the attendees benefited a lot from his talk.