TMSE Holds the 11th International Conference on Scientific Computing and Applications

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     The 11th International Conference on Scientific Computing Applications (ICSCA2019) was held in Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Southeast China from May 27-30, 2019. This event was hosted by Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Southeast China School of Mathematical Sciences in Xiamen University. Around 90 experts at home abroad participated in the conference. Six plenary talks were invited one mini-course was organized. Around 50 talks were presented. Professor Jie Shen, from Purdue University, chaired the opening ceremony.    

      Firstly, Professor Shen gave a brief introduction of the conference, which is the 11th of a sequence of conferences on Scientific Computing Applications. The main purpose of this conference is to bring together mathematicians, scientists engineers working in the field of scientific computing its applications to solve scientific industrially oriented problems. It aims to provide a forum for the participants to meet exchange ideas of common interest in an informal atmosphere. Then he spoke of the history of this series of international conferences, which was regularly held in every two years in the Pacific Rim region. The previous conferences have been held at Hong Kong (1998 2003); Banff, Canada (2000 2006); Shanghai, China (2005); Busan, Korea (2008); Dalian, China (2010); Las Vegas, USA (2012); Xi’an, China (2014); Toronto, Canada (2016).    

     Then, Shaobin Tan, the dean of School of Mathematical Sciences, as the host, expressed his warm welcome to all the participants gave an overview of School of Mathematical Science.  

      The conference turned out to be a great success.