Summer School on Fano Varieties

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:Harold Blum (Utah), Jingjun Han (JHU), Yuchen Liu (Yale), Chenyang Xu (MIT/PKU), Ziquan Zhuang (MIT)
: 2020-06-01 08:30
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Recently, there has been significant progress on constructing the moduli spaces of K-semistable Fano varieties using algebraic methods. We invite some of the leading experts to give a relatively detailed introduction to the topics surrounding this construction.

The summer school will be held online from June 1st to 5th, 2020. There will be three courses (see below), 30 teaching hours in total. It is supported by the Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Southeast China (TMSE) / School of Mathematical Sciences, Xiamen University.


1.  Organizers

Wenfei Liu (Xiamen University)

Chenyang Xu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Peking University)


2.  Courses

Course 1: The existence of complements for Fano type varieties

Lecturer: Jingjun Han (The Johns Hopkins University) 

Assistant: Guodu Chen (Peking University)

Lecture 1 Video (Han)   Lecture 2 Video (Han)

Lecture 1 Notes (Han)

Course 2: K-stability of Fano varieties

Lecturer 1: Chenyang Xu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Peking University)

Lecturer 2: Ziquan Zhuang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Assistant: Kai Huang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 

Lecture 1 Video (Xu)   Lecture 2 Video (Xu)   Lecture 3 Video (Zhuang) Lecture 4 Video (Zhuang)

Lecture 3 Notes (Zhuang)

Course 3: Construction of K-moduli spaces

Lecturer 1: Harold Blum (The University of Utah)

Lecturer 2: Yuchen Liu (Yale University)

Assistant: Chuyu Zhou (Peking University)

Lecture 1 Video (Blum)  Lecture 2 Video (Blum)   Lecture 3 Video (Liu)  Lecture 4 Video (Liu)

Lecture 1 Notes (Blum)  Lecture 2 Notes (Blum)   Lecture 3 Notes (Liu)  Lecture 4 Notes (Liu)

See here for the abstracts/references of the courses.


3.  Schedule

The schedule is based on Beijing time. To obtain New York time, simply switch AM/PM.

4.  Intended Audience

Young researchers, postdocs, graduate students


5.  Registration

Email the application form to Vega Wei (Email address: The deadline is May 29th, 2020.


6.  Contacts

Vega Wei (Email address:

Wenfei Liu (Email address:

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8. Poster

A poster of the summer school can be downloaded here.